Lucys Letdown at Takoma Station Tavern [#3]

March 8th, 2017 Lucys Letdown played a show at Takoma Station Tavern. We were booked for a soul night and since we play rock music we weren't sure how the predominately black crowd would react. Surprisingly they loved us!! We played an amazing set and felt more like legitimate rock stars than ever before!! It was more than a blessing to see out friends smiling and dacing in the audience. 

Lucys Letdown at The Pinch [#2]

 This time when we went back to The Pinch we knew exactly what to do and what not to do. We practised our set like crazy and didn't do any drugs or drink any alcohol so we could stay focused. Never the less we killed our set this time but there was nobody there to see! We literally played to a room of 4 people, 10 at the best moment. 

Regardless we had a blast and felt we overcame our weaknesses. We took it to the next level so to speak. We plan on doing so after every show from here on out!!

"Lucys Letdown absolutely killed their set!!"

Lucys Letdown at The Pinch [#I]

Our very first show as a band wasn't all that glamorous. We royally fucked up. Everyone was way too drunk and the sound was awful. The sound guy didn't give a fuck, Robert couldn't hear anything, and Zack couldn't even tune his bass.

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys