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Lucys Letdown Starts a GoFundMe

Shortly after our show at Takoma Station Tavern we were on a high from such a great turn out and completely disregarded our equipment by leaving it outside in our truck for about 10-15min while at a gas station. There was a miscommunication and the gear was left unattended for what seemed like no time at all. That was all the time they needed.

We made a GoFundMe and we are asking for our Fans, Friends, and Family to come together and support us in our time of need. Even $10.00 - $20.00 would do a lot. We would greatly appreciate it. Take a moment out of your day and visit the following link...

Anything helps...

We were still pumped from this show..

We were still pumped from this show..

Lucys Letdown is creating an EPK

We are in the works of completing our first EPK. We've been filming a lot over the past several months so we plan on having a really nice story for you to watch. Zack David Films has been taking lead on everything visual sense he actually has his own production company. You can follow him at: @ZackDavidFilms

Also, check out his website:

Zack gets the camera ready for the interview while Huntley fucks around and Robert waits attentively.