Lucys Letdown is a 4 piece Rock band from Fredericksburg, VA.

Huntley moved from florida to Virginia during high school and met robert shortly after. the two bonded quickly and began to learn and play music together. Huntley pursued music full time while robert took a short hiatus from the scene. 

Zack played music in a local band before meeting Huntley and robert. Ironically ZAck actually asked both, Huntley and robert to be the drummer for the band. It never worked out with either and ZAck continued a career in video production.

after growing up in a small town we all played music with each other periodically.  Huntley had a beachy-acoustic vibe, zack played a little heavier rock and robert just loved to play drums to anything. HUNtley was still pursuing music full-time and played locally for a living and began to grow tired of playing alone every night.  

LUCYS letdown was officially born the night our original guitarist quit the band. the name was gifted to us by the gods of rock and our vision for the band was more clear than ever.

After continuing as a 3 piece for about a year Scotty was introduced to the band and has been family ever since.